God Laughs in Disgust

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God Laughs in Disgust Empty God Laughs in Disgust

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 02, 2017 7:50 am

I'm encouraged today because God is not at all scared by the rebellion of men. I sometimes worry about the church and individual Christians in an increasingly secular culture opposed to God. But He isn't worried. He is in complete control and so can laugh at man's petty rebellion. That's my God!
Below I have included my notes from my notebook of my observation, interpretation and application. No one else needs to do this, I just want to share it as an example so you have an idea what this looks like for a Level 1 workout. The numbers in brackets represent the psalm I observed that truth in. And I am using the NET translation so the wording may appear different.

Psalms 1-5
Who is God?
God Laughs in disgust at the rebellion of men (2)
God is to be feared (2)
God delivers (3)
Shield (3)
God hates the wicked (5)
What has God done for me?
Shown great faithfulness (5)
What does God promise to do for me?
God protects the godly but destroys the wicked (1)
Blesses us when we obey (1)
He responds to us and answers our prayers (4)
He will reward the godly (5)

What do these things mean?
(I just picked the observation that most jumped out to me and thought through what this means!
God laughs in disgust at those who rebel against him. This means that God does not fear the rebellion of men and he scuffs at their silly sin.

Why is this good news for me to believe in today?
I often worry about how the church will fare in a more and more secular world. But it's good news to remember that God isn't worried. He has a plan to protect, lead and guide his people into eternity.


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God Laughs in Disgust Empty Re: God Laughs in Disgust

Post by geoffdean on Fri Mar 03, 2017 10:03 pm

I can picture God laughing.... Foolish mortals!
Reminds me of the scene in the movie Evan Almighty when Evan is talking to GOD.  He says that building an ARK is not really in his plans right now.  Morgan Freeman playing God laughs historically at the thought of Evans plans being so important. see clip.

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