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Sin is Sin is Sin Empty Sin is Sin is Sin

Post by geoffdean on Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:33 pm

God is the revealer.
God has given us his law to reveal the sin in our lives. We has no excuses.

I have always found it funny how quick Christians are in condemning one particular type of sin. It is as if they think they their sin is not as bad as someone else. Recently people have been talking about wanting to Ban the Disney Movie Beauty and the Beast because a particular character is portrayed (for just a moment I am told) as homosexual. OUTRAGES!! How can Disney stoop so low as to expose our children to this SIN. (Sarcasm)
Now don't get me wrong it does bother me to an extent, however I do recognize that I should be no more bother by this than I am when Disney has a character murdered (Lion King) or when a character is lying (Aladdin) or when a character is envious or jealous and not content (Every Disney Movie). Why do we as Christians not have a problem with ALL sin.

These verses remind me that we are all, in Andy's words, wretched sinners who not deserve life. God gave it to us. We are not good enough on our own. We should be OUTRAGED at all sin including our own.

I pray that I always remember that i am no better than anyone else. I am a sinner. I just chose to receive the gift of life.

Belief Statement:
I believe that my sin is no greater or worse than anyone else. We all fall short.
I also believe that I am forgiven.

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