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The battle line Empty The battle line

Post by geoffdean on Thu Mar 30, 2017 10:39 pm

When I read that the flesh and the Spirit are in conflict, I see a battle line.
The line is drawn in the sand.
The Spirit clearly shows the right way.
My flesh always fiddles near the battle line.
I place myself on the front lines of the battle for my life.
I play both sides.
Am I a double agent?
I rebuke the flesh one moment, and deny the Spirit the next.
I hear the Spirit saying no and I chose to listen to the flesh.
I hear the flesh says no and I chose to listen to the Spirit.
It is an ugly battle.
Funny things is the war has already been won.
I gave myself to the Spirit long ago.
But the rebellion inside me keeps resurfacing.
The flesh is trying to keep any hold it still has over me.
The fruit if the Spirit is the proof of my true commander, my general in this battle.
Although I might slip I am still part of the Spirit's army.

Belief Statement:
I believe I am at war with myself, because the Spirit of God lives in me.

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The battle line Empty Re: The battle line

Post by Larry.barnhart on Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:25 am

Thank you Geoff for posting your thoughts and insights. This Boot camp is supposed to be a Iron sharpening Iron, men coming together standing up strengthening and encouraging each other to be better. Clearly you have a gift for writing. I howerever do not so know your post are being read and are having an impact at least by me so keep it up


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