The Image of an Invisible God

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The Image of an Invisible God Empty The Image of an Invisible God

Post by geoffdean on Sat Mar 04, 2017 9:58 pm

Who is God?

God is Christ. Christ is the image of a God that we could not see. We can see who God is by looking at Christ.

What has God done for us?

God created all things. Every thing I have is form God. Every thing I see is from God. God created them all through Christ the Word and Image of God.

What does God Promise to do?

Hold all things together. Christ is the great glue that hold all things together. I know that the world will not ever fall apart unless it is the will of God.

If you want to see God, look at who Christ was and is. Christ has made the invisible visible. Christ was the love of God and the fulfillment of God. We can not be separated from him. I was once an enemy of God, but Christ has made it so that I can be on the presence of the Almighty Creator of everything.

I can live each day knowing that God is loving and patient and takes me just as I am because that is who Christ was that I can read about. God is not a tyrant because Christ was not a tyrant. God is not angry because Christ was not angry. God loves me because Christ loves me.

Belief Statement:
I believe that I can see God by looking at Christ.

Side note: This is something I need to continuously work to believe. I have lived my life struggling with God being the image of my dad. Although I love him dearly there was a lot of guilt, disappointment, and never feeling like I could live up to an expectation. God is not that way but I have struggled to believe this.

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The Image of an Invisible God Empty Re: The Image of an Invisible God

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 05, 2017 4:20 pm

I really appreciate the honesty bro! It's amazing to know we can look to Jesus and see how he treated and accepted all kinds of messed up people. The only people Jesus rejected were those who thought they didn't need his help!

Just as I am
Without one plea
But that your blood
Was shed for me


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