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Ryan - Col  1:15-23 Empty Ryan - Col 1:15-23

Post by Rngcarlson on Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:25 pm

this one was tough for me...

1 Jesus is God in human form
2 he provided the order of the world
3 Christ's death on the cross allows us to be redeemed or reconciled. also allows sin to be removed so we can be pure and close to God.

1 Jesus is firstborn of life and death, therefore life and resurrection.
2 Also can mean as firstborn that Jesus has rights as God's eldest child as compared to rest of his children.
3 As Jesus is the image of God, as people are created in God's image, Jesus is reflection of man back to God

1 Jesus does for my sins so I can be closer to God.
2 As Jesus was made in God's image, so was I.


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